Very deep











I loved realizing I could feel totally accepted in my life. It gave me a great amount of hope for my future and new possibilities to experience.

I felt comfortable and relaxed. I felt receptive. I didn't acknowledge how deep I was going until afterward. The experience didn't stop when the meditation stopped. I felt accepted. I felt in relation to others and not alone. It felt right and true to be in the experience of acceptance. It was all good. Thank you.

I could allow myself to be me, regardless of imperfections, making mistakes and hurting others unintentionally. Acceptance helps encourage me to live a better version of me.

I recommend this to the whole world. It is totally awesome material both profound and deeply needed.

I am excited for the next classes and what develops.

Wonderful. I immediately felt a lot of forgiveness for myself. My self judgment relaxed. 

I had a lot of grief before I came to class yet once we started, it seemed to not even be there. 

Very deep it touched me to the core of my being. I felt emotions come up around issues and experiences in my life that I was consciously unaware of. 

My experience was profound. I truly felt embraced by acceptance and different dimensional aspects of what acceptance is. I look forward to discovering more.

I liked this class, it was different from other meditation classes I have done in the past.

I am so grateful that I could bring forth painful memories, accept them and release them.

I practiced being present, observing myself and noticing when I felt resistance and judgment of myself.

I enjoyed the depth of the material - how so many aspects of acceptance were brought forth. The Embrace of Acceptance really stood out for me as a protective safe place.

I can continue to give (acceptance) to myself in such a way that allows the true me to come out instead of who I think everyone else wants me to be. 

My experience was very deep and emotional. I came into it with a crummy mood so a lot was coming up. I knew that I was in the right place. I felt that I received tools that assisted my emotional state well! It was a direct healing experience. I felt good that I was able to accept my entire self in that experience. I felt safe and lovable. Thank you!

Accepting all of me - the good and the naughty.

This is a class that I feel could be revisited many times over again. So much to embrace and accept - so much to learn!

This class was a wonderful reminder of the power and depth of connecting with my higher self.