Personalizing Love

                                                  "To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance." ~ Oscar Wilde

                             Learning to Love the Most Important Person in Your Life: You! 

What if you learned there was something inside you with the power to completely change how you view the world and yourself?  Have you ever felt like a prisoner of your own thoughts?  Would you like to feel better about yourself, become more relaxed in living your life and have a greater sense of well-being?  The answer may be as simple as awakening to your heart.  

The electromagnetic field of the heart is 100 times stronger than that of your brain and connects you directly with everything in your environment.  The heart has its own language and you can learn that language. Free yourself from the constant chatter in your head by learning to listen to the quiet peace that is always calling to you from your heart.

Scientific studies have shown that the power of meditation, with a dedicated focus of self-love, may reduce stress and anxiety, improve immune function, enhance mental clarity and focus, lower blood pressure, and promote greater well-being.

Discover the possibilities of loving yourself more deeply with "I Love Me" Meditation and the Embrace of Acceptance class series. 

An Overview of Research Conducted by the HeartMath Institute  
The Energetic Heart: Bioelectromagnetic Communication Within and Between People 

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